Juan Pollo - Food. Family. Fiestas.

Our Values

We believe that the most important interactions happen across the dinner table with the people we cherish most.
Our dedication revolves around three main aspects of life:


Food not only nourishes our bodies, it reminds us of who we are, and where we come from. Nothing brings us closer than sharing great food.


Family is the most important aspect of life. The meals we provide and share with our families should bring us happiness and joy.


Fiestas allow us to share the joys of life with the people we care for most. This is what makes life worth living.

Albert Okura, Juan Pollo Founder & CEO

Founder & History

In January, 1984, Albert Okura opened the first Juan Pollo in Ontario, California. His brother-in-law, Armando Parra, helped to develop the initial rotisserie chicken recipe deriving back from his roots in Chihuahua, Mexico. The goal was to master a recipe that enhanced the natural flavors of the chicken. 35+ years later, Juan Pollo still uses this original recipe with all 26 locations in Southern California.


Chickens are universally renowned in almost every culture’s diet around the world. In the US, chicken is the most commonly eaten meat, surpassing pork and beef. At Juan Pollo, we specialize in the art of Mexican-style, rotisserie chicken.

Rotisserie-style cooking uses rotating rods called “spits” within open-flame ovens. Comparatively to other forms of cooking where cooking oil needs to be added to pan-fry or deep-fry, our rotisseries use the natural oils dripping from the chickens above to consistently baste the rest of the batch. This constant basting, when finished with a high flame, gives the unique, delicious flavor and texture to the skin of our chicken.

The challenge with rotisserie chicken, as to where so many others have tried and failed, is creating a fast dining & takeout experience while ensuring quality with a product that takes over three hours to finish. Having almost 40 years of mastering the art of rotisserie chicken, we are dedicated to keeping our tradition to serve the best tasting chicken.


The chicken leg, or “drumstick”, is a popular finger-food making it easily holdable and dippable with your favorite sauce or salsa. Like the dark meat of the chicken thigh, drumsticks are packed full of flavor. Drum sticks are included in our Thigh & Leg Meal, Half Chicken Meal, Family and Party Paks.


Chicken breasts are most known as the healthiest part of the chicken. It’s white meat is high in protein and good cholesterol, while low in fats and saturated fats. This makes them perfectly suitable for healthy diets. Chicken breasts are included in our Breast and Wing Meal, Half Chicken Meal, Family and Party Paks.


Like the drumstick, the dark meat of the chicken thigh is packed full of natural flavor. Because of its higher fat content, chicken thighs are arguably the tastiest and most tender part of the chicken. Chicken thighs are included in our Thigh & Leg Meal, Half Chicken Meal, Family and Party Paks.


The three parts of the chicken wing include the drumette, wingette, and tip. Like the drumstick, the chicken wing is popularized as a finger food. Our chicken wings are famous for their deliciously crispy skin. Chicken wings are included in our Breast and Wing Meal, Half Chicken Meal, Family and Party Paks.


Albert Okura


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