Meet the Founder


Albert Okura

Thank you for coming to our website. It has been over two years since we have had a viable website. My goal is to continually add information about our company in terms of our future plans, promotions, store openings, etc.
This process may be a little slow because I feel it is more important for me to stay in the field and stay close to our customer base. Much of my time of late has been spent at our flagship store in San Bernardino.

In 1984, I had the opportunity to open my own chicken restaurant and I jumped at the chance. Although I didn’t know much about starting my own business, I promised myself that I would do Juan Pollo for 5 years no matter what happened. Lo and behold, it will be 25 years in 2009!
Starting with the Ontario Calif. location, I spent each day learning the what it took to cook perfect tasting. Once I caught on to the different cooking procedures, I trained and motivated as many employees as I could to be able to run their own restaurants.
When the big housing recession came in the 1990’s, I took advantage of the reduced rents and allowed many hourly employees to open their own restaurants. Expanding rapidly has caused us operational problems. My belief is that unlike school where a 90% score gets you an ‘A’, giving 1 out of every 10 customers bad service may cause a restaurant to go broke. All customers want everything to be perfect without excuses.
Our future success depends on my ability to maintain a clear focus on what customers really want; great tasting chicken, good customer service, low prices, and, cleanliness.

My challenge is to recruit the right type of motivated individuals that see the true potential of our system and are willing to jump in and help us improve.
My goal is to become the largest chicken company in the world. (That means passing KFC.) Right now we are at the bottom of the list so I am assuming that if the right people join me, we can pass KFC in about 50 more years. I am ready for this challenge.

Albert Okura